“It’s been almost 2 years since I joined and I can honestly say that it’s the BEST decision I ever made. Before I joined Fit Box I was a member of another gym but never felt motivated to go. There was nothing to motivate me or more to the point NO ONE to motivate me, to give me the confidence I needed to get fit and healthy again. When I joined they gave advice on what to eat and what to avoid toachieving my potential. There are regular one to one sessions to weigh and measure and talk about anything you feel you need from your trainers. My whole perception of food and drink has changed and now I couldn’t go back to my old eating habits. I started off going 3 times a week and as I got fitter I upped it to 4 and now go 5 times a week! I love the varied workouts. The trainers know each of theirmembers well in terms of their needs and the workouts are based on their goals. YES it is hard work, I am not going to lie, but that’s what makes Fit Box different to other gyms. They have that personal connection with me, and each time they push me further and further because they see the progress and know I am capable of more. Love that the best! I can honestly say that I have not only lost weight but am fitter and my muscle tone for a woman of 53, I think is pretty goodJ My confidence has come back.! Fit Box is not just a gym. I call it my “Fit Box family”! I never feel alone or intimidated like most gyms. The trainers, Sam, Stephen, Chris and Sherissa are always there with words of encouragement and a little cheekiness thrown in to make me smileJ Highly recommend it to anyone of any age.