Shepperton Fitbox is a private, appointment only gym. We specialise in fat loss and general health through an approach which is appropriate to you as an individual. We believe that everyone should be looked at on an individual basis and are very much against any fads or gimmicks. We think long term with our clients.

A big part of our concept is the community we’re building, where there’s only ever a small amount of people in the gym at a time, it allows for a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with link minded people who are on the same mission. A big part of our training is making it enjoyable for you, so that it never feels like a chore and you can have some fun along the way.

We offer group personal training- capped at 6 people per session, so that we can keep the sessions tailored and specific to you as an individual. This way we can ensure that your technique is perfect, everything is safe, the intensity is appropriate for you and that the session is correct for you and your goal.

Feel free to email us for more info about our membership options and how we can help you –

1-1 Personal Training
We also offer 1-1 training for those of you who would prefer this option.
We are happy to take care of everything nutrition related which is an appropriate approach for you. Whether that is a meal plan, targets or just general advice. It comes down to what you need specifically.
Our Training Style
Although we train in groups, we still keep your sessions as tailored to you as possible. Therefore your sessions will be fully based around your goals, your ability levels and if we need to work around any injuries we will.
Communication and Support
If you’d like us to, we will regularly monitor your progress and make adjustments to your plans. We also support and communicate with our clients on a regular basis outside of their sessions if required.
Supplement Advice
We will also advise you on what supplements to take, based on your goal.

If you like the sound of our concept or would like to know more, feel free to get in contact.

You’re also more than welcome to book a consultation or a free trial session to come in, see our gym and experience the concept for yourself.


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