Personal Training – You can go to the gym for months and attend all the fitness classes in the world but still not see the results you want. Hiring a personal trainer to guide you through the stages in a way that helps you meet your fitness goals is definitely the way forward to successful training. In order to achieve your goals you need to set them first. A personal trainer will talk to you in order to gain a good understanding about your current lifestyle, diet, points of focus for physical strengths and weaknesses. Once complete you can expect to receive a training program designed to help you smash your fitness targets.

5 Benefits of a Tailored Fitness Program:
Understand your current state and how it can be improved
Know your options so you can make informed decisions
Learn the importance of fitness goal setting & how to use these to motivate you
Meet your fitness goals and develop them accordingly
Enjoy the many health benefits that come with a guided nutrition plan and balanced routine

When looking for a personal trainer don’t just settle for the first one you find. Choose a personal trainer who makes you feel good and energised. It is part of our mission that you achieve your fitness goals by taking you out of your comfort zone where the real magic happens. By having a personal fitness trainer there with you at every training session you can really learn how to get the most out of your training program (it’s not easy to skip a set when you have someone counting for you)! At the same time, your workout should be an enjoyable experience.

5 Fitness Motivation Techniques we use:
Research to understand what motivates you
Setting achievable short term goals so you see results, more often (weekly fitness goals)
Tracking your progress and presenting you with clean cut results
Amending the program according to your progress (challenge is crucial)
Keeping it fresh and including new fitness exercises regularly

One of the best things about hiring a personal trainer is that you no longer have to think about what you are doing or wonder whether you could be doing things better in your gym workouts. All you have to do is turn up at times set out on your timetable and dedicate yourself fully to the training program designed for you. You can work through your routine with peace of mind knowing that everything is planned out according to your goals and everything you are doing is safe and correct. Having a personal trainer relieves you a lot of stress and makes your journey easier every day.

5 Aspects of Fitness Training to Forget About:
A personal trainer will assess your diet and create a nutrition plan for you to follow
A personal trainer will map out all your fitness exercises according to your fitness levels and goals
A personal trainer will monitor your progress and amend your routine so you don’t have to
A personal trainer will motivate you so you can’t slack
A personal trainer will do everything so you don’t need to think; just turn up and show passion for what you know you can achieve

Safety is not something to be taken lightly when it comes to working out in a gym environment. If you are without experience always use the services of personal trainers at your gym and get as much guidance as you can using the machines and weights. By hiring a personal trainer you reduce risk of injury significantly and can enjoy training in a safe and supervised environment with every session. Personal trainers should be fully qualified and trained to ensure you develop your strength and fitness skills safely and without error. Even if you do not wish to hire a personal trainer to take you all the way make sure you get the right safety guidance to set you on the right path.

5 Questions you No Longer have to ask when you hire a Personal Trainer:
Am I doing this exercise right?
Is my posture good or could it be better?
How do I get my breathing right?
Should I be using this machine differently?
Why is my weight staying the same?

The job of a personal trainer is to get you to the fitness level you want and to help you achieve your dream physique. It is not uncommon for gym-goers to attend a gym regularly without seeing results because when you don’t have strong guidance in a gym environment it is easy to waste time on exercises that are not really ticking the boxes. Get efficient, hire a personal trainer and achieve the results you want, faster.

4 Areas Personal Trainers will Increase Efficiency:
Fast weight loss results through weight training and cardio exercises
Strength and endurance training will be built up through weights training & exercises
Sports specific training will be targeting the main goals of the athlete
Muscle building will be guided and achieved through weights training

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