What is making you overweight🤔

//What is making you overweight🤔

What is making you overweight🤔

⚠The answer is that it’s the over consumption of calories for the amount of energy that your body is expending daily. Meaning you’re eating too many calories regardless of where they come from.

So, where do we go from here?

✅ Start by tracking your calories and exercising regularly.

✅ Have the same amount of calories daily for 1 week, see how your body responds.

✅ If you see no changes (not just weight, it can be measurements, progress pictures, how clothes fit) then reduce the amount of calories and continue to exercise regularly and ensure you are progressing in your training weekly.

This is a very simple approach but will be more than enough to get you started, once these basic principles are being done on a regular basis we then delve into a little more depth.

📩 Feel free to drop us a question for more information on how to tackle being overweight.

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