At Weybridge Fitbox you get a private personal training experience, you will always have the studio to yourself. It’ll just be you and your trainer with no distractions like you get in commercial gyms or other personal training studios. Our trainers are experienced and are here to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

What will you get when training at Weybridge Fitbox?

  • A tailored nutrition plan based around your lifestyle and your unique goals. It will be realistic to you and sustainable long term.
  • There will be continuous tweaks and support with nutrition- daily contact if needed!
  • Supplement advice/ plans tailored to you and your goals.
  • Personal training in our 1:1 appointment only private studio with experienced personal trainers who are there to get you the best possible results.
  • Your progress will be regularly monitored.

We don’t have our prices on our website as there are many variables which can affect cost.

Enquiries please email getfit@weybridgefitbox.co.uk with the following information:

  • What is your goal- as much detail as possible.
  • Roughly how many sessions per week you’d like to train with us.
  • Roughly what days/times you’d be looking to train.
  • Would you be interested in a monthly price or a block of sessions.

Once we have that information we can send you a quote, you’re also more than welcome to book in for a free consultation/ trial session!


Contact us to book in your free consultation session.