Sam Buckingham
Sam BuckinghamFounder / Personal Trainer
Hi everyone! I have a passion for training people and helping you get to where you want to be. There is nothing better than seeing a client working hard towards their goal and making the most of their time in the gym. As long as you are taking advantage of our memberships that we offer, you definitely will get to where you want! I believe a person has to be worked hard in the gym but also make it enjoyable for them at the same time. I will always change sessions around they are never the same and will always put 100% effort into a session and expect you to do the same!
Chris Nisbet
Chris NisbetStaines Manager / Personal Trainer
After being a football coach for many years at a high level I decided to transition into a personal training role after dedicating myself into the fitness industry helping myself get to a good level and being able to compete in the men’s physique division in the UKBFF federation.

Love seeing people grow and learn from the development of skills from training itself to the point where they are more confident and are able to really test themselves and see where they can go from a good level to the elite.

Ian Service
Ian ServicePersonal Trainer
Going to the gym has been a great hobby of mine for a while as I enjoy keeping fit and believe that having a healthy lifestyle is essential. Due to my determined nature, I am consistently setting myself personal goals that I strive to achieve, one of which was to enter a Men’s Physique Competition that I competed in, in October 2016.

With the knowledge I have gained through training myself, I am able to help others reach their goals and construct enjoyable, but challenging training sessions for all fitness abilities. I believe that training should be a positive experience for everyone and I try my best to make every session unique, and tailored towards the clients fitness goals.

Gary Tomkins
Gary TomkinsPersonal Trainer
From being a professional football and sports coach for over 10 years I know the dedication and skills required to reach the top. I aim to transfer these skills into the personal training roles I work in.

I enjoy working with people who are dedicated to changing themselves for a better and healthier future. I like seeing the difference I make in peoples lives and the transformations people go through during their time training with me.

Through the training and knowledge I have gained I am able to help others achieve their goals and full potential. All within positive, fun and enjoyable sessions.

All of these sessions are tailor made to meet the needs and goals of each individual no matter what they are trying to achieve and accomplish.