Saby- Saby Has gone from 85 kg down to 60 kg, she’s done everything we’ve asked in the gym as well as with her nutrition plan.. The hard work has paid off! The goal was to get her in shape for her engagement and wedding, she made even better progress than she thought she would and is very happy now with how she looks!




Andres- Andres completely changed his nutrition and started weight training five days a week, the results speak for themselves! We spent the first four months also focusing on getting to a body fat percentage that he was happy with, the focus since then has been on building muscle. He has dropped a lot of fat and built muscle in the process and looks great for it!




Aimee- Aimee Dropped 9.5 inches off of her waist! She achieved such a great result like this by being extremely consistent with her training, not missing hardly any sessions and also being very consistent with her nutrition as well!




Amy- Amy dropped 10 kg and 4 inches off of her waist in preparation for her wedding! She trained 3 to 4 times a week, mainly weight training with a small amount of cardio. She also slowly decreased her calories whilst doing this as well, this took her 10 weeks!




Tom is 72 years old and has been training with us for four years now! In those four years he has been incredibly consistent, barely ever missing a session and trains five times a week. This level of consistency has really paid off as you can see he is in great shape!⁣ Tom came to us 4 years ago having never trained before at all, he stuck to [...]




Teresa- These pictures are 3 weeks apart! Teresa has a bodybuilding background, she just wanted to ramp things up with a strict training regime for a few weeks to get some quick results!




Liz- Liz has been training with us for over four years now, in that time not only has she become fitter, leaner and a lot stronger she has also become a personal trainer herself! She is also a sports masseuse and a deputy headteacher! Not only that she has a husband and two children… She has a very busy life but manages to stay fit and healthy!


5 week transformation!


This transformation was done in 5 weeks! We dropped 7 kg and 4.5 inches on the waist! The goal was to get a slimmer waistand a more defined stomach.. we definitely did that!

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2 Month transformation!


These pictures are 2 months apart. In these 2 months we’ve dropped fat and built muscle, completely changing how the body looks!⁣ We’ve achieved this by weight training in an intense manner 5x a week and adding in small amounts of cardio in sessions.⁣ We also stuck to a meal plan which ensures that protein intake is adequate, carbohydrates are timed around workouts and calories are low enough [...]

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“When I first came to Fitbox I was feeling extremely nervous, my health was really bad I was so out of shape, I struggled with day to day activities like walking up a flight of stairs even struggled to put a pair off socks on, I had zero confidence in myself I had no life, I had tried a few diets and gyms before and always gave up [...]