What is making you overweight🤔

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⚠The answer is that it’s the over consumption of calories for the amount of energy that your body is expending daily. Meaning you’re eating too many calories regardless of where they come from. So, where do we go from here? ✅ Start by tracking your calories and exercising regularly. ✅ Have the same amount of [...]

Personal Trainer in Weybridge and Staines targets Over 50s

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OVER 50s? IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START PHYSICAL EXERCISE. In fact, keeping fit and active is more important now than when you were in your twenties. You might be comfortable in the body you live in but have you considered the many other health benefits that come with physical activity? By exercising regularly [...]

Benefits of Personal Training to Reach Fitness Goals Faster

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FITNESS PROGRAM TAILORED TO YOU Personal Training - You can go to the gym for months and attend all the fitness classes in the world but still not see the results you want. Hiring a personal trainer to guide you through the stages in a way that helps you meet your fitness goals is definitely [...]

7 Strong Reasons Men & Women should Lift Weights

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Don't shy away from weight training, it is good for you. Resistance training is one of the best forms of training to incorporate into your fitness regimen and brings many benefits that contribute to your general health and energy levels. Weights training is often perceived as a more male-orientated fitness workout but it shouldn't be. [...]

5 Trending Diet Plans for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

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How to Maintain a Balanced Diet Plan ‘A diet that does not demonise certain foods is a diet that you will stick to. My approach to nutrition does not deprive you from your favourite flavours but helps you develop control over your intake. Consider this a lifestyle change that brings long-lasting results. It doesn’t have [...]